Top Five DC Comics Related Songs

There a lot of songs out there about Superman, but what about character you have never heard of? Well those exist too and here are some of the fun ones. You could even play some of these in your car without your friends knowing they are about comics.

Jonah Hex, right, and the time traveling Booster Gold, left, sharing a drink on the cover of a Booster Gold issue. Copyright DC Comics

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A look at Justice League: Doom [Spoilers]

The newest DC animated feature, Justice League: Doom, continues to show that DC takes its cartoons seriously. It features veteran voice actors from previous DC shows such as Kevin Conroy as Batman and Tim Daly as Superman.

Justice League: Doom is an adaptation of the Justice League of America arc “Tower of Babel.” In that story Ra’s Al Ghul steals Batman’s contingency plans to take down the Justice League.

Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom

In Justice League Doom, Vandal Savage hires Mirror Master to steal Batman’s plans and forms the Legion of Doom to enact them.

The heroes are all defeated in unique ways that destroy them either physically or psychologically. In some cases it is both. Continue reading