The Immortal Dr. Fate

The world of Dr. Fate is full of gods, demons, magic, and hardships of being married to someone who’s involved with such things.

The Immortal Dr. Fate is a reprint of three Dr. Fate comics and this collection was published in 1985.

Dr. Fate is the personality taken on when someone wears the helmet of the god of Order, Nabu. Nabu is an ancient force who takes on human hosts to work his magic.

There have been multiple people who have worn the Dr. Fate helmet and carried on the mantle. Dr. Fate in this series is Kent Nelson.

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The Odd World of Animal Man

Animal Man is one of those characters that you may have heard of recently due to his success with his new ongoing series as part of the DC New 52 reboot in August.  The Animal Man that this article will be focusing on is Grant Morrison’s 26 issue run from 1988 to 1990.

Animal Man is Buddy Baker. Buddy has the ability to mimic any animal’s ability. From flying without wings, to breathing underwater without gills, Animal Man can use his animal powers in most situations to allow escape or to win a fight.

Animal Man Issue 2

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