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DC Rebirth #1 : Wally West returns

Something has gone horribly wrong in the DC universe. Time has been lost. Love has been lost. And no one seems to remember Wally West. DC Comics may be backtracking by claiming the New 52 was never meant to be a reboot and they’re doing it in the best way they can.

The issue itself follows Wally West stuck in the speed force trying to make a connection with someone in the physical world.

He tries Batman.Which comes off as a nice homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths when Barry Allen does the same to Bruce.

He tries the love of his life, Linda Park. She doesn’t remember him.

He tries the new Wally West. It’s revealed that the new Wally and the original Wally are cousins who share the same name due to being named after their grandfather.

In a last moment attempt, he tries Barry Allen. Barry grabs hold of Wally as he begins to disintegrate into the speed force. Wally is saved, pulled into the physical realm, and most importantly he’s remembered.

Who stole time and love away from the DC Universe after Flashpoint? Could Doctor Manhattan be behind it all? The ending heavily suggests so.

Rebirth isn’t meant for people who don’t read comics. Don’t pick it up as your first foray into the DC comics universe. It does give a backstory of who Wally West is, but it may leave you confused with the multitude of other characters involved.

If you’re someone who gave up on DC comics following the New 52, this is for you:

Ted Kord is acting more like Ted Kord. Even if he was only on two pages.

Green Arrow and Black Canary may be returning as a couple.

Atoms, Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi, are active.

Johnny Thunder and Doctor Fate make an appearance. Will the JSA return?




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