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What’s in a hero?

Citizens of South Jersey give their opinions on their favorite superheroes, what makes a good hero, and why Batman is popular.

Superheroes are around us all the time, whether it is through music, TV, films, or comics themselves.

“What makes a hero?” is a question that could be answered in multiple ways.

Doug Knudsen, 21, said that his favorite superhero is Iron Man.

“He is really smart and even though he doesn’t technically have super powers, he gets to blow things up and hang out with the other ones that do have super powers,” said Knudsen about why he likes the Armored Avenger.

Doug Knudsen

“A good hero is one that exemplifies any number of positive attributes which make them an important part of their society. That is, a hero could be somebody that has super-compassion rather than superpowers,” said Knudsen about what makes someone a hero.

Colin Langford, 11 years old, said that Captain America is his favorite superhero.

“Cause he’s not super. He’s just a regular person,” said Colin Langford about why he likes the Star Spangled Avenger.

“They put themselves on the line and they could die,” said Colin Langford about what makes a good hero along with a uniform and their superpowers.

Jay Langford, Colin’s father, said that Superman is his favorite superhero.

“Superman had the best of everything, the man of steel, catching bullets with his teeth, can outrun anything,” said Jay Langford.

Jay and Colin Langford

The popularity of Batman cannot be denied even if you aren’t a fan of the caped crusader. The Dark Knight made over one billion dollars worldwide.

So why is Batman so popular? These citizens of Gotham gave their opinion on why the Bat flies so strong.

Knudsen said that he isn’t really sure why Batman is popular or why he should be any more popular than any other superhero, but he gave an interesting theory.

“I think one reason that Batman is so popular is that his parents are dead which makes him very marketable to orphans,” said Knudsen.

Stacey Mullins, 21, said that her favorite superhero is Batman.

“I think people like Batman so much because he always does what’s right. Or maybe they like him because of his cool gadgets or outfit. I like Batman because I think he’s unique. He trained himself to be a hero,” said Mullins about the Dark Knight’s fame.

Mullins also provided what she thinks makes for a good hero.

“A hero, to me, is someone who will protect you and look out for you. Someone who can change the world. A genuinely good person,” said Mullins.

Stacey Mullins

Colin Langford said he likes Batman, but doesn’t know why he’s popular.

“All he has is a boomerang,” said Colin Langford.

Jay Langford said that Batman’s real power is money and that he just throws cash at whatever he wants.

“All Batman has is a wallet that never ends and he can buy anything in the world, that’s what Batman does,” said Jay Langford.

Below Colin and Jay Langford discuss what super powers they’d like to have and why Batman is considered a hero for just having money.


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