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The Immortal Dr. Fate

The world of Dr. Fate is full of gods, demons, magic, and hardships of being married to someone who’s involved with such things.

The Immortal Dr. Fate is a reprint of three Dr. Fate comics and this collection was published in 1985.

Dr. Fate is the personality taken on when someone wears the helmet of the god of Order, Nabu. Nabu is an ancient force who takes on human hosts to work his magic.

There have been multiple people who have worn the Dr. Fate helmet and carried on the mantle. Dr. Fate in this series is Kent Nelson.

The three stories feature Kent’s wife, Inza to show how feels about her husband being Dr. Fate.

The first story is a simple origin story to help readers understand Dr. Fate. Inza is writing in a journal the story of her husband. Kent Nelson first encountered the spirit of Nabu when he was 12. His father was with him and died during the encounter.  Nabu then raised and trained Kent into becoming Dr. Fate.

The second story is one of the original comics in which Dr. Fate was in. DC Comics at the time was still called “More Fun Comics.” It features a very simple Golden Age plot of an evil genius named Wotan wanting to blow up the world. It is up to Dr. Fate and his wife to stop him. What’s interesting about this issue is that it begins with Wotan’s “death” and Dr. Fate investigating it by going to Hell to see if Wotan is there.

Dr. Fate threatening to gain passage on the river Styx.

Only by not finding Wotan’s soul does Dr. Fate realize he must be up to no good once again on Earth. Wotan’s plan is to literally blow up the Earth from the core in order to defeat his enemy, Dr. Fate. Since Dr. Fate, Nabu, is an immortal spirit, Wotan’s plan is essentially pointless. He’d only kill himself and all of humanity. Dr. Fate stops him before these philosophical questions need to come into play.

Wotan's brilliant plan. Also Dr. Fate can just summon giant talking eagles. Who knew?

The third story features Dr. Fate taking on an ancient Egyptian mummy. Nabu encountered this mummy in ancient times and defeated him. In the current time, the mummy takes Dr. Fate’s amulet and uses it to start revamping Boston into an Egyptian world. When the mummy finally calls upon his god Anubis, Anubis denies any recognition of him or his servitude. Kent is only able to defeat the mummy when Inza throws him a piece of the sarcophagus in which the mummy was in. He uses it to recite an enchantment which destroys the mummy.

Anubis denies a mummy who waited thousands of years for revenge.

The three stories are a good gateway for readers to get into the character of Dr. Fate. Although it deals with magic, mummies, and gods, it remains clear and simple for any age group.


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