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Some DC Webcomics based on DC Comic characters.

Comic book characters are popular. Sometimes people want to make their own stories or jokes using them. With the internet, you can share these comics and here are some of my favorites.

These aren’t official DC Comics, but are still are entertaining reads.

A young Batman stays ever vigilant.

Little League is based on the idea on what if the members of the Justice League were elementary school students. The pint-sized heroes get into different hijinks in and out of class. Batman seems to get the most panel time and it is well deserved. To see a baby Batman reading Sun Tzu during silent reading time is fantastic. Yale Stewart, the writer and artist, captures the spirits of the Justice League and interprets them hilariously as children.

Batman got the kids a dog. His parents aren't proud of him though.

This series is done by The Black Cat. Batman and Sons is about Batman and his Robins along with Terry, Batman Beyond, and their daily lives. Batman picks them up from school, takes them to superhero picnics, and they watch movie. The Robins include Dick, Jason, and Tim while referencing Damian. Terry is portrayed a baby who causes trouble for the other Robins.

Wonderella prank calling Batman.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella is about a heroine who is an offbeat version of Wonder Woman. Justin Pierce’s parody of superheroes and a woman’s role in comics is worth checking out.  Even if it is just a webcomic, the female characters portrayed are much stronger (character wise) and more fleshed out than officially published comics. It is impressive to see someone create such a strong great characters while the actual company struggles to make their version relevant and popular without a costume change or bust increase.


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  1. Your blog seems to have really evolved since the beginning of the semester. You cover a wide variety of topics from within the DC world, and that gives your blog a lot of diversity! The only suggestion I can think of is to not use so many read mores.

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