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Top Five DC Comics Related Songs

There a lot of songs out there about Superman, but what about character you have never heard of? Well those exist too and here are some of the fun ones. You could even play some of these in your car without your friends knowing they are about comics.

Jonah Hex, right, and the time traveling Booster Gold, left, sharing a drink on the cover of a Booster Gold issue. Copyright DC Comics

5. Johnny Thunder by the Kinks

The English invasion band, the Kinks wrote a song about the anti-heroic Johnny Thunder. This song doesn’t heavily reference the source material, but it is catchy. The Kinks also wrote a song about Plastic Man.

4. Booster Gold by Spoiler Alert

Not much is known about the small band Spoiler Alert, but some claim that is it the superhero form of Art Brut or at least front man Eddie Argos. Art Brut has mentioned DC comics a few times throughout their songs, but Spoiler Alert is dedicated to songs about heroes in their entirety.  They have only released three songs and Booster Gold is certainly one of the most entertaining ones.

Booster Gold is one of those characters which is just sad. He lived in the future and was a failed sports star that was forced to work in a Superhero Museum as a janitor. He stole a time machine to go back to the 80s and was still a failed hero. He made a best friend named the Blue Beetle who was killed. In recent canon he has to save the universe daily, but can never receive credit for it. The public will ever see him as a complete loser. This song explains his canon.!/_/Booster+Gold/

3. Sgt. Rock (is Going to Help Me) by XTC

XTC has written a few songs about DC Comics. They have Brainiac’s Daughter along with That’s Really Super Supergirl, but Sgt. Rock is a song all about what it is like to be a comic fan. It deals with the idea of having Sgt. Rock help you out in getting women.

“If I could only be tough like him
then I could win
my own, small, battle of the sexes”

2. Sector 2814 by the Roy Clark Method

The Roy Clark Method is another band that sings songs about DC Heroes. Sector 2814 is about the struggles of being a Green Lantern, in particular Hal Jordan.

“It says, “Hal, what have you done with your life?
People around you keep dying.
Use your will to right the wrongs,
And don’t make us wait for too long.”

1. The Ballad of Jonah Hex by Ian Frazier

The Ballad of Jonah Hex is a ballad about the Wild West bounty hunter Jonah Hex. He’s a scarred bad ass who kills for money. He’s most certainly a hero though and he’s only ugly because he did the right thing. This song comes off to me as a campfire tune used to scare children into being good. It made the top of the list because Jonah Hex could always use more love and the passion that Ian Frazier sings the song with is unlike the other songs.

Although this is a DC oriented blog, I think an honorable mention should go to Pink Floyd’s Cymbaline and T.Rex’s Mambo Sun for both mentioning Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Cymbaline is one of the most depressing songs I have ever heard while Mambo Sun manages to be one of the more uplifting songs I have heard.


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