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Should Batman kill the Joker?

This was the questioned debated by Rowan Students last Wednesday at a Philosophy Club meeting.

It may come off as a ridiculous question to some, but to those who engaged in the discussion, it was taken seriously and with merit.

The question of if the Batman should kill the Joker was viewed through different philosophical lenses and famous philosophers before discussion opened to personal theories.

If Nietzsche were to comment, he might have said that we are jealous of the Joker for he lacks the burden of sanity which we most of us carry throughout life.

"The Joker literally cannot stop smiling," said Silber while demonstrating a large grin.

Kant might say that if we want the Batman to kill the Joker then we are violating the common standard that killing is wrong. The Batman shouldn’t deviate from his own standards and it is his duty to not kill the Joker.

Mill might say that the Batman would be doing the Joker a favor by killing him instead of sending back to Arkham Asylum time and time again.

Hobbes might say that the Joker shouldn’t die by Batman’s hands, but by Gotham City through judge and jury.

Greg Silber, the club’s president, said, “The man (referring to the Joker) has caused so much suffering which validates killing him.”

The group discussing the Joker's morality.

Another student said that Batman may fear becoming like his villains if he resorts to murder.

“He doesn’t want to become like them. He’s already walking a fine line. Is he good? Is he bad?” said Kevin Hill in reference to the Batman.

Although the club didn’t come to a conclusion if the Joker should die by Batman’s hands, they all agreed that Gotham City would be a much better place without the Joker.


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One response to “Should Batman kill the Joker?

  1. This is an interesting question. I would never have thought to debate this but the title made me want to read more.

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