Some DC Webcomics based on DC Comic characters.

Comic book characters are popular. Sometimes people want to make their own stories or jokes using them. With the internet, you can share these comics and here are some of my favorites.

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The Immortal Dr. Fate

The world of Dr. Fate is full of gods, demons, magic, and hardships of being married to someone who’s involved with such things.

The Immortal Dr. Fate is a reprint of three Dr. Fate comics and this collection was published in 1985.

Dr. Fate is the personality taken on when someone wears the helmet of the god of Order, Nabu. Nabu is an ancient force who takes on human hosts to work his magic.

There have been multiple people who have worn the Dr. Fate helmet and carried on the mantle. Dr. Fate in this series is Kent Nelson.

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Top Five DC Comics Related Songs

There a lot of songs out there about Superman, but what about character you have never heard of? Well those exist too and here are some of the fun ones. You could even play some of these in your car without your friends knowing they are about comics.

Jonah Hex, right, and the time traveling Booster Gold, left, sharing a drink on the cover of a Booster Gold issue. Copyright DC Comics

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