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Students React to “Before Watchmen”

DC Comics

Controversy continues with differing student opinions about “Before Watchmen”

Michael Ramsey, a student at Rowan University said that the prequels are justified from a legal standpoint.

“If the question is should someone be allowed to make another adaptation, then I say yes solely based on the fact that he consented to giving the rights to his work to DC by virtue of working for them,” said Ramsey, a philosophy major.

Darcy Post, a student at Rutgers-Camden University, thinks that the prequels shouldn’t be made.

“What the f**k? No it’s not right and the original was perfect,” said Post, a psychology major when she first heard the news.

Both students agreed that the prequel series come off as unnecessary and that it probably won’t add anything to the story.

“They explained how that one dude (The Comedian) was f**ked up from the war and s**t didn’t they?” said Ramsey, “What else they would need to clarify?”

“They don’t really need to touch it,” said Post “The original itself had elements of a prequel.”

The original Watchmen series did include series of flashbacks for each main character showing their life story.

Both students also said that wouldn’t be reading the new series. There is a divided camp for support of the prequels. Some fans side with Alan Moore, the original writer who is against touching Watchmen. Others think that the new series is justified by DC while others still think it is an unnecessary creation.

The popular best selling comic book of all time is planned to have the prequels published this summer.

Merchandise for the prequel series is already being put into production. Plenty of statues, action figures, and posters are planned for “Before Watchmen”.


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2 responses to “Students React to “Before Watchmen”

  1. Samantha Safchinsky ⋅

    I liked the article you wrote this week. It localized your blog and provided two opposing opinions on the same subject, which is the right way to write a news story.

    Just a couple suggestions – you do have a few grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes, which can be easily fixed. There are also a few issues with the layout of the post. If I’m correct, I don’t believe you actually need to indent your paragraphs online. The paragraphs are so short in online stories that indenting them makes it difficult to read. I also think you did a great job of incorporating links into the story, but the phrases you chose to link are rather long. For example, instead of linking the phrase “other thinks it is an unnecessary creation that will never capture what the original did,” you could link “unnecessary creation” or “never capture.”

    Great job! Love the blog concept!


  2. I love how this gives student reactions to and follows up on a previous post! LIke the above commenter said, there are some minor mistakes, but they don’t distract from your message. Your topic is really cool and unique, and I love your blog as a whole!

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